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Last Updated: Jan 19, 2015

9.75 (excellent) Merupuri is another Matsuri Hino's Manga,the same author who created vampire knight..But merupuri is much better and funnier and have a lot of sense of humor,i love the artwork,it's very beautiful,i wish they made an anime of this manga,it'll be nice.
I love it's style very much :)
my favs are: Airi Hoshina,Aram and Jeile!!

Vampire Knight

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Last Updated: Jan 19, 2015

10.00 (excellent) Vampire knight is my best anime i've ever seen right now,althought the story seems like there's something missing,but still,the characters are likeable,the artworks is simply amazing,and the soundtrack is the best thing in the anime,i started to watch the anime before the manga,when i finished the anime,then i read the manga,and i found a very huge difference between them,the anime is more rushed and many cutted scenes,while the manga shows more than the anime,anyway,may the series is very sad but there's some humorous scenes,it's a very enjoyable anime.

about the main heroine,yuki,i like her, but they shouldn't have focused on her,they at least should focused on the other purebloods like ruka,aidou,Kain,Shiki,rima and takuma,they have better and funny scenes.

-My favorite characters are Yuki Cross,Zero Kiryu,Ichiru Kiryu,Rido Kuran and Juri Kuran.

-My favourite Pairings are:

Ichiru Kiryu x Shizuka Hiou

Zero Kiryu x Yuki Cross

Kaname Kuran x Ruka Souen.

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