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  1. ghazalkashani Mar 22, 2015

    Hello Lightning hope you are doing well and wish to see you more around here :(

  2. Blue-Crescent Feb 14, 2015

    Hello Fade! How are you? Happy Valentine's day to you my good friend. Have a great one! ^^
    Your page has become very beautiful! ^^




  3. Monu-chan Moderator Feb 14, 2015


  4. LuluOokami Feb 14, 2015


    Since I been thinking about how growing up we would give all our friends and classmates a Valentine's Day card and it brought joy I wanted to try to bring that joy once more to all my friends here. So I hope that this Valentine's Day you get to spend it doing things that you enjoy with the one you enjoy spending your time with the most.

  5. minayuri Feb 06, 2015


  6. Monu-chan Moderator Jan 23, 2015

    Quote by FadingLights2015What a beautiful scan! wise choice, it's very suitable for vectoring :)
    Good luck!

    Thanks for luck! I will try my best! :D

  7. Monu-chan Moderator Jan 23, 2015

    Quote by FadingLights2015 by the way,what's ur new vector?

    this scan! :D

  8. Monu-chan Moderator Jan 23, 2015

    Quote by FadingLights2015Yes,i finished the mountains,but today i got lazy doing the mountains :P
    i'll complete it today :)

    Okay! Best of luck in completing the Wall!
    I'll be cheering for you! \^0^/

  9. Monu-chan Moderator Jan 22, 2015

    are you working on the wallpaper? :D

  10. Monu-chan Moderator Jan 22, 2015

    Thanks for the fav on my latest vector :D
    Kimi ni Todoke by Monu-chan
    Kimi ni Todoke by Monu-chan

  11. fitarol15 Jan 19, 2015

    Quote by FadingLights2015 Thanks 4 the fav

    No Problem ,Fade~!

  12. fitarol15 Jan 19, 2015

    Quote by FadingLights2015 They looks so sweet together <3

    Nope , Babe It's Yuri/Karin , but still i love their sweet pose too

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